1933 December - The Ring Magazine - Bareknuckle Scene, "Battlers Of The Hockey Rink"

1933 December - The Ring Magazine - Bareknuckle Scene, "Battlers Of The Hockey Rink"
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The Ring Magazine

Date - December 1933

Front Cover Subject(s) - Bareknuckle Scene (Ward vs. Quirk)

Some of the interior subjects and articles include:

Young Stribling "Hail and Farewell!" - Young Stribling memorial article
"Plain and Fancy Nuts" featuring: Luis Firpo, Benny Leonard, Battling Siki
"Sons of the Sunny South" featuring: Petey Sarron, Joe Knight
"Baer In a Cinch" - Trainer Mike Cantwell predicts Max Baer to beat Primo Carnera if matched - also featured group shot from "Prize Fighter and The Lady" with Jim Jeffries, Baer, Carnera, Jess Willard and W.S. Van Dyke
"Snapped By Our Cameraman" featuring: Sammy Fuller, Jack Sharkey, Don McCorkindale vs. Patsy Pirrone, Marcel Thil vs. Kid Tunero
"Flip-Flops in the Mat Game" featuring wrestlers: Bibber McCoy vs. Man Mountain Dean, Hans Steinke vs. Ray Steele, Bull Martin vs. Pat Fraley and referee Tod Tonneman, Gino Garibaldi training with his young son
"Battlers of the Ice" featuring: Lionel Conacher, Joe Lamb, Bill Cook, Sprague Cleghorn
"Faded Hopes" featuring: Ruby Goldstein, Fred Fulton
"Time Takes Its Toll" featuring: Gene Tunney, Jim Maloney, Paulino Uzcudun, Tom Heeney, Jack Delaney, Jack Dempsey
"From Milo to Londos" featuring wrestlers - George Hackenschmidt, Dr. Roller
"The Case of Gus Sonnenberg"
"The Ring's Mat Rating - Our First Annual Ranking of Wrestlers" featuring: Jim Browning, Jim Londos, Ed Don George, Ed Strangler Lewis, Dick Shikat, Hans Steinke, Everett Marshall, Karl Pojello, Rudy Dusek, John Pesek, Ernie Dusek, Gus Kallio, Nick Lutze
"Punjab Wrestlers Greatest" featuring: Jagat Singh
Wrestler, Joe "Toots" Mondt profile
George Zaharias profile
"A New England Ace" - Dave Deshler profile
Knockout Brown - "The Cross-Eyed Slugger"
"Leather and Lingerie" Female Boxers and Wrestlers featuring: Aggie Green, Doris Akrone in mixed bout with Les Byers, Ruby Allen vs Nell McDonald
"A Few Newcomers" featuring: Mickey Nelson, Paul Pross, Mickey Salom, Tiger Mack, Jack White, Buddy Scrutchings
"Classy Youngsters" featuring: Lou Ambers, Frankie Wallace, George Riley, Paul Dazzo, Jacquotte Elverillo, Joe Pennino

Size - About 64 pages

Condition - Covers about GD condition with general handling wear. Some creasing and edge wear as shown. Interiors complete. Please enlarge scans or photos to see better detail.

A great lot for the Vintage Boxing Publication and Memorabilia collector.

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