Archive of Boxing Photos for Prints

Archive of Boxing Photos for Prints
Custom made prints from our large archive of Older Boxing Photographs. Available in various sizes from 4x6 to 13x19 inches. Click on names to view images available.

As a general rule, boxing photos offered up to the largest size of 13x19 will have the best overall clarity and quality of image. As an example a photo only offered up to 5x7 inches in size will most likely not have the same quality of clarity of an image that is available in all sizes up to and including 13x19 inches.

You can usually tell the overall quality of image by enlarging the scans given in each description.

I will be continuously adding to this section so check back often for more additions.

All photos in this section are for collectible or personal use only. Copyright is not given or implied.

(Note - All names are listed in alphabetical order from left to right by last name.)

Bare-Knuckle Boxing Photo and Print Archive GalleryUnidentified Boxers, Trainers, Managers, etc.. Photo Archive SectionAssorted Larger Groups Boxing Photo Archive
Wrestling & Physical Culture Photograph ArchiveDigital .jpg Images of Boxing Archive Photos Available on RequestBoxing Photo Archive Collections
Deaf Burke Boxing Print Archive
James J. Corbett Boxing Photo & Print Archive
Jack Dempsey Boxing Photo & Print Archive
Luis Angel Firpo Boxing Photo & Print Archive
Robert Fitzsimmons Boxing Photo & Print Archive
John C. Heenan
Peter Jackson Boxing Photo & Print Archive
Jack Johnson Boxing Photo & Print Archive
Stanley Ketchel Boxing Photo & Print Archive
Johnny Kilbane Boxing Photo Archive
Sam Langford Boxing Photo & Print Archive
Jem Mace Boxing Print Archive
Sam McVey Boxng Photo & Print Archive
Hen Pearce "The Game Chicken" Boxing Print Archive
Barney Ross Boxing Photo Archive
Frank "Paddy" Slavin Boxing Photo & Print Archive
John L. Sullivan Boxing Photo & Print Archive
Bob Travers Boxing Print Archive
Harry Wills Boxing Photo & Print Archive

(Important Note - Only (1) of each item is available, unless otherwise mentioned in the description of each item listed.)

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