1937 May - The Ring Magazine - Ken Overlin

1937 May - The Ring Magazine - Ken Overlin
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The Ring Magazine

Date - May 1937

Front Cover Subject(s) - Ken Overlin

Some of the interior articles and subjects include:

"Puerto Rico Basks in Fistic Spotlight" with: Nat Fleischer pictured with Ring Belt he presented to winner of Sixto Escobar vs. Lou Salica bout, Scenes from Puerto Rico event featuring Jack Dempsey, Hype Igoe, Jiminez Sicardo, Aryro Gigante, Eduardo Gonzales and others
Extensive Sixto Escobar vs. Lou Salica fight coverage
More scenes from Puerto Rico featuring: Sixto Escobar, Jack Dempsey, Blanton Winship, Lou Brix, Luis de Casenave and others
Pedro Montanez illustration by Ted Carroll
Pedro Montanez full page pin-up "The Ring's Album of Famous Fighters"
Benny Lynch profile article
"Their Prospects Are Bright" with: Young Rightmire, Tom Chester, Henri Pilotte, Ronny Malcolm, Henry Woods, Tiger Henderson
Freddie Steele picture
Carlos Baby Quintana picture
"Colorado's First Jack Dempsey" with: Young Corbett
Tom Forte picture
"College Boxers" with: Steve Hamas, Phil Brubaker
"Middle Western Stars" with: Frankie Misko, Nat Litfin, Young Mickey Walker, Aubrey Martin, Mickey Slater, Jimmy Adamick, Bob Venner
Charley White "An Inch from a Title"
"Coronation Tournament" with: Tommy Ryan, Ben Foord, Tommy West, Tom Sharkey, Gus Ruhlin, Frank Erne, Ben Jordan, Barbados Joe Walcott
"Bouts of the Month" with: Phil Brubaker vs. Andre Lenglet, Solly Krieger vs. Fred Apostoli, Gunnar Barlund vs. Nathan Mann
"News of the Mat World" with wrestlers: Henri DeGlane vs. Ed Don George, Ernie Dusek, Dick Shikat, Joe Dusek
"Five Foreign Stars" with wrestlers: Danno O'Mahony, George "Dazzler" Clark
"Getting Acquainted" with wrestlers: Henry Piers, Leo Newman, Billy Weidner
Fight Pictures with: Al Ettore vs. John Henry Lewis, Marcel Thil vs. Lou Brouillard, Pedro Montanez vs. Enrico Venturi, Lou Ambers vs. Davey Day
Pat McClary wrestling profile
and much more

Size - About 64 pages

Condition - Covers about PR/FR condition with general handling wear. Some edge and corner chipping and wear. Interiors complete but some corner chipping throughout. Please enlarge scans or photos to see better detail.

A great lot for the Vintage Boxing Publication and Memorabilia collector.

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