Assorted Larger Groups Boxing Photo Archive

Assorted Larger Groups Boxing Photo Archive
Selected photos of boxing figures in various larger group poses.

Jack Dempsey, Professor John Clark, Philadelphia Jack O'Brien, Lew Tendler & Jack Kearns - Archive Photo - c. 1920
Johnny Summers, Billy Elliot, Joe Russell, Ed Jessop, Alf Goodwin, Harry Green, Pat Scanlan & Others in Australia - Archive Photo - 1910
Battle Royal on a Military Ship - Archive Photo - c. 1919
Battle Royal - Archive Photo - c. 1910's
Jack Johnson vs. James J. Jeffries Celebrity Line-up - Archive Photo - 1910
Group Photo of Boxers in European Gym - Archive Photo - c. 1920
Benny Leonard & Group - Archive Photo - c. 1920's
Jack Johnson, Tommy Burns, George Hackenschmidt & other Athletes - Archive Print - c. 1908
Jack Dempsey, Jack Kearns, Harry Wills & Others - Archive Print - c. 1925
Unidentified Swiss Boxers - Archive Photo - 1919
Jack Dempsey, Nat Fleischer & Others - Archive Photo - c. 1940
Unidentified Boxers, Trainers, etc. - Archive Photo - c. 1920's-30's
Unidentified Boxer and Others including Bobby Diamond - Archive Photo - c. 1930's
Unidentified West Coast Fight Figures with Harry Gordon - Archive Photo - c. 1940's
Unidentified West Coast Fight Figures with Johnny Indrisano - Archive Photo - c. 1930's-40's
Unidentified Fight Figures - Archive Photo - c. 1930's-40's
Packey McFarland, Billy Wells, Jim Sullivan & Jim Driscoll pinback ad - Archive Print - 1914
Jack Nelson, Marv Jensen, Rex Layne, Charley Kalani - Archive Photo - c. 1950
Johnny Sharpe, George Daly, Jack King & Others - Archive Photo - c. 1930's
Terry McGovern, Kid Carter, Eddie Cain, Joe Humphries and others - Archive Photo - 1903
Tony Vairo, Kid Farlo, Archie Sexton, Jimmy Walsh, Moe Moss, Freddie Mitchell, Johnny Sharpe and others - Archive Photo - c. 1932
Lightweight Champions - Archive Print - c. 1940's
Lew Tendler training camp with Danny Kramer, Joe Tiplitz and Others - Archive Photo - 1922
Young Terry, Benny Leonard, Tony Herrera & Jimmy McLarnin - Archive Photo - c. 1930

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