Boxing Blade Re-Prints - 1922 to 1925 Run of 142 Different Issues

Boxing Blade Re-Prints - 1922 to 1925 Run of 142 Different Issues
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Special Offer – Purchase a full run of available 1922 to 1925 Issues (142 different Boxing Blade’s) for $995.00. That comes to about $7.00 per issue (regular price is $12.95+ per issue) as listed Here.

Re-printed photocopied issues of this tough 1920’s boxing weekly magazine. Hardcore boxing publication that wasn’t afraid to take on the controversial issues of the era. Also included an extensive listing of fight results in each issue that is difficult to find anywhere else.

These are simple B&W Photocopies of each issue. Each issue is bound with 2 to 3 staples at the left border. I can provide an additional discount if you would prefer to have the run unbound or would like to bound yourself.

Most copies are very clean and all are completely readable, however some may be of a little bit higher quality then others. Major flaws will be noted.

All the issues included in this collection are listed below:

Note - Cover subjects are listed after the date.


January 2 Annual Review 52 page Special Issue – Grand Review of Boxing For One Hundred Years – John L. Sullivan & Jack Dempsey, Heenan vs. Sayers, Sullivan vs. Corbett, Dempsey vs. Carpentier - $20.00 on this issue.

January 28 – Gene Tunney, Bill Brennan, Bartley Madden

February 4 – Joe Benjamin w/ Alex Trambitas & Babe Herman, Snowy Baker, Sammy Mandell

February 25 – Harry Greb & Tommy Gibbons, Tex Rickard, Leo Flynn, William Muldoon

March 4 – Mike Gibbons, Charley White, Warnie Smith, Pete Herman

March 11 – “Who Will Meet Jack Dempsey?” – Harry Wills, Tommy Gibbons, Bill Brennan, Bob Martin, Bill Tate, Jack Johnson, etc.

March 18 – Billy Miske & Tommy Gibbons, Oakland Jimmy Duffy w/ Babe Herman, Frankie Malone and Soldier Bartfield

March 25 – Stanley Everett, Farmer Lodge, Morrie Schlaiffer, Joe Lynch, Midget Smith

April 1 – “The People’s Choice for Championship Honors” – Harry Wills, Mike Gibbons, Benny Leonard, Lew Tendler, Babe Herman, Pete Herman

April 8 – John L. Sullivan, Jack Dempsey, Hugh Shannon, Jack Reddy, Louis Neuman, Charles Ettinger

April 15 – Richie Mitchell, Benny Leonard, Mike Gibbons

May 6 – Michael O’Dowd, Dave Shade

May 13 – Joe Lynch, Lew Tendler, Tom Gibbons, Dave Rosenberg, Gene Tunney, Babe Herman

June 3 – Harry Greb, Lew Tendler Augie Ratner, Tom O’Rourke, Jack Britton, Tex Rickard

June 17 – Benny Leonard vs. Jack Britton

June 24 – John C. Heenan, Jack McAuliffe, Dick Burk, Dennis O’Keefe

July 1 – Jess Willard, Benny Leonard, Jack Britton, Lew Tendler, Bill Brennan

July 8 – Jack Britton, Mysterious Billy Smith, Johnny Kilbane

July 15 – Billy Miske, Bud Taylor, Morrie Schlaiffer, Leo P. Flynn, Marty Killilea

July 22 – Joe Lynch, Pete Herman, Johnny Buff

July 29 – Frankie Schoell, Bernie & Benny Hahn, Pal Moore, William Muldoon, Tex Rickard, Howard Carr

August 5 – Dave Shade, Tom Gibbons, Jose Lombardo, Jack Munroe & H.B. Jamison

August 12 – Johnny Dundee

August 19 – Jack Dempsey, Dave Rosenberg, Mike Gibbons, Frank “Doc” Bagley, Jack Curley

August 26 – Jack Dempsey vs. Bill Brennan

September 2 – Jack Josephs, Pinkie Mitchell, Harvey Thorpe, Eddy Fitzsimmons, Sid Barbarian

September 9 – Billy Miske vs. Fred Fulton

September 16 – Johnny Kilbane

September 23 – Jess Willard, Farmer Lodge, Jack Curley, Willie Ritchie

September 30 – Charlie White vs. Benny Leonard

October 7 – Farmer Lodge

October 14 – Tommy Gibbons vs. Billy Miske

October 21 – John L. Sullivan, Pancho Villa, Lew Tendler vs. Dave Shade, Willie Ritchie

November 4 – Harry Greb, Jack Britton, Abe Attel Goldstein, Jack Josephs, Young Stribling

November 11 – Jeff Smith, Babe Herman, Sammy Mandell, Richie Mitchell, Frankie Schoell

November 25 – Tommy Gibbons, James J. Delaney, Bob Fitzsimmons, Harvey Thorpe, Andy Schmader

December 2 - Tommy Loughran, Bobby Barrett, Ole Anderson, Sailor Friedman, Joe Lynch

December 9 – Pinkie Mitchell & Son, Johnny “Peewee” Kaiser, Jay J. Thomas

December 16 – James J. Delaney & James J. Corbett

December 23 – Walter “Farmer” Lodge, Richie Mitchell, Leo Flynn, Jack Curley, Tom Gibbons


January 13 – Bill Brennan, Charlie White, Jeff Smith, James Delaney

January 20 – Rocky Kansas, Walter H. Liginger, Floyd Johnson

January 27 – Harry Greb, Johnny Tillman, Lew Tendler, Jack Dempsey, Georges Carpentier

February 3 – Pinkie Mitchell, Johnny Shauer, R. T. “Dick” Burke

February 10 – Harry Wills, Tom Gibbons, Jess Willard

February 17 – Tiger Flowers, Johnny Brown, Frankie Schmalzer

February 24 – Joe Burman, Gene Tunney, Sid Barbarian, Battling Siki

March 3 – Benny Leonard, Gunner Joe Quinn, Johnny Kilbane, Cowboy Padgett

March 10 – Harry Greb, Willie Jackson, Eddie O’Dowd, Bill Brennan

March 17 – Gene Tunney, Ed “Strangler” Lewis, Frankie Genaro, Jimmy Wilde

March 31 – Mike McTigue, James J. Delaney, Joe Burman

April 7 – Jack Dempsey vs. Tommy Gibbons site in Shelby, Montana

April 14 – Pinkey Mitchell & Son, Travie Davis, Midget Smith

April 21 – Harvey Thorpe, Mike O’Dowd, Dandy Dillon

April 28 – Benny Leonard, Lew Tendler, Mickey Walker, “Dempsey – Gibbons Fight All Set For Shelby, Montana”

May 5 – Ernie Goozeman, Floyd Johnson, Jess Willard

May 12 – Johnny O’Donnell, Jack Britton, R. T. “Dick” Burke, Billy Wells

May 26 – Jack Dempsey, James J. Delaney, Pinkey Mitchell

June 2 – Jack Dempsey & Mike Collins

June 9 – Harry Wills, Joe Benjamin, Billy Wells, Babe Herman

June 16 – Eugene Criqui, Jack Bernstein, Johnny Dundee, Johnny Kilbane

June 30 – Tom Gibbon’s Training Camp in Shelby, Montana, Pancho Villa vs. Jimmy Wilde

July 4 – Tommy Gibbons vs. Jack Dempsey pre-fight issue

July 14 – Tommy Gibbons

August 4 – Benny Leonard & Mom

August 11 – Johnny Dundee

August 18 – Harry Wills, Luis Angel Firpo, Tex Rickard

August 25 – Johnny Wilson, Billy Wells

September 1 – Harry Greb, Jim Delaney, Sammy Mandell, Jim Mullen

September 8 – Benny Leonard, Tommy Loughran, Bud Taylor

September 15 – Jack Dempsey

September 22 – Joe Burman, Mike McTigue, Benny Leonard

September 29 – Jack Dempsey vs. Luis Angel Firpo

October 6 – Joe Lynch, Walter Long, Big Munn

October 13 – Joe Burman, Pancho Villa, Sammy Mandell

October 20 – Georges Carpentier, “Nonpariel” Jack Dempsey, Basil “Young” Galiano

October 27 – Jem Mace, Benny Leonard, Bud Taylor

November 3 – Abe Attel Goldstein, Mickey Walker, John C. Heenan

November 10 – Harry Wills, Jack Dempsey

November 17 – Terry Martin & Pepper Martin w/ Manager Johnny Keyes

November 24 – Paddy Ryan, Johnny Dundee, Pinky Mitchell

December 1 – John L. Sullivan, Jake Kilrain, Jack Britton, Gene Tunney

December 8 – Stewart McLean & Johnny O’Donnell w/ Manager Mike Collins

December 15 – Harry Greb vs. Gene Tunney, Johnny Dundee vs. Jack Bernstein

December 22 – Johnny O’Donnell vs. Vincent “Pepper” Martin

December 29 – Jack Dempsey


January 5 – Johnny O’Donnell vs. Joe Benjamin

January 12 – Billie Miske Memorial Issue

January 19 – Harry Greb vs. Johnny Wilson

January 26 – Jack Dempsey, Luis Angel Firpo, Erminio Spalla

February 2 – Pinky Mitchell, Johnny Dundee, Bud Taylor

February 9 – Johnny O’Donnell vs. Danny Kramer

February 16 – Billy Vincent vs. Henry Melcar

February 23 – Johnny O’Donnell, Bartley Madden, Nate Goldman

March 1 – Jack Dempsey & Swimmer Wanda Ellwood

March 8 – Mike McTique, Young Stribling, Jim Coffroth

March 15 – Gene Tunney vs. Jim Delaney, Mickey Walker, Joe Lynch

March 22 – John L. Sullivan, Charlie Mitchell, “Nonpariel” Jack Dempsey, Jem Mace

April 5 – Boxing News From Around the World

April 12 – German Female Boxers in the United States, Fred Koster

April 26 – Quintin Romero-Rojas, The Carpenter Kids, Billy Videbeck

May 3 – Jack Dempsey & John Aasen (World’s Biggest Man) with Abie Gordon & Young Nationalista, Tom Jones

May 10 – Harry Greb vs. Jack Delaney, Billy Wells vs. Johnny O’Donnell

May 17 – Harry Wills, Walk Miller, Quintin Romero-Rojas

May 24 – Johnny O’Donnell vs. Billy Wells

May 31 – Jack Kearns, Jim Coffroth, Jim Johnson, Jack Curley, Billy Mitchell, Leo Flynn, Howard Carr, Charles Ettinger

June 7 – Tommy Gibbons vs. Georges Carpentier

June 14 – Gene Melady, Loy J. Molumby, Red Walsh, Bill McCarney, Bill Muldoon, Strangler Lewis, Jay Thomas, Tommy Ryan

July 5 – Pinky Mitchell, Jim Mullen, Leo Forciani

July 12 – Harry Greb, Gene Tunney, Young Stribling, Benny Bass, Danny Kramer

July 19 – Frank Parker, James J. Delaney, Billy Haack, Frankie Hughes, Leo Shea

July 26 – “Bearcat” Dode Bercot, Bobby Barrett, Sammy Mandell

August 2 – Jack Renault

August 9 – Gene Tunney, Luis Angel Firpo, “Kid” Sullivan, Jock Malone, Connie Curry, Johnny O’Donnell, John L. Sullivan

August 23 – Bobby Wolgast, Johnny Wilson, Herman “Muggsey” Taylor, Dave Shade, Bud Taylor, Curley Ullrich, Frankie Genero, Luis Vicentini

August 30 – Jack Dempsey & Margaret Quimby

September 6 – Harry Wills vs. Luis Angel Firpo

September 13 – Johnny Mendelsohn, Morrie Schlaifer, Al Van Ryan, Stewart McLean, Joe Sielaff, Sammy Mandell, George Lawrence, Arlene Ray, Matt Hinkel, Estelle Taylor

September 27 – Jack Renault, Hugh Walker, Jock Malone, Warnie Smith, Al Van Ryan, Johnny O’Donnell, Sammy Mandell, Connie Curry, Howard Mayberry, Curley Ullrich, Joe Humphries

October 4 – Pancho Villa, Paul Berlenbach, Joe Benjamin

October 11 – Mickey Walker, Johnny Dundee

October 18 – Reginald Denny, Margaret Quimby, Tommy Loughran, James J. Delaney, Al Van Ryan, Al Beard

October 25 – Peter Maher, Billy Mitchell, Jack Zwick, Battling Kid Dugan, Jay J. Thomas

November 1 – Jock Malone, Gene Tunney

November 8 – Mike McTigue, Dave Shade, Benny Leonard, Jack Doyle

November 22 – Tommy Gibbons, Eddie Anderson, Jim Coffroth

December 27 – Harry Wills, Jack Dempsey, Tommy Gibbons


January 10 – Harry LaBarre, Benny Touchstone, Herman “Muggsy” Taylor, Tom Kennedy, Matt Hinkle, Walk Miller

January 31 – Jack Delaney, Estelle Taylor

February 28 – Russie Leroy

March 14 – Tommy Gibbons, Joe Benjamin

March 28 – Jimmy Duffy, Tommy Simpson

April 25 – Mike McTigue vs. Paul Berlenbach, Gene Tunney vs. Tommy Gibbons

June 13 – Paul Berlenbach

June 20 – Harry Greb vs. Mickey Walker, Harry Wills vs. Charley Weinert

July 4 – Harry Wills

July 18 – Harry Wills Ko’s Chaley Weinert, Dave Shade Ko’s Jimmy Slattery

July 25 – Len Johnson, Bartley Madden

August 1 – Pancho Villa & Vincent “Pepper” Martin, “Memorial” Issue

August 8 – W.H. “Captain Billy” Fawcett

October 31 – Tiger Flowers vs. Jock Malone

November 7 – Georges Carpentier vs. Jimmy Delaney

November 28 – John L. Sullivan

(Important Note - Only (1) of each item is available, unless otherwise mentioned in the description of each item listed.)

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