Vintage Boxing Postcards

Vintage Boxing Postcards
Boxing Postcards from various era's offered for sale in this section.

c. 1930's Lew Tendler Vintage Boxing Postcard - Philadelphia Restaurant
Georges Carpentier - Vintage 1921 Real Photo French Postcard
1979 MUHAMMAD ALI Coral-Lee Vintage Boxing Postcard "Personalities" Set
1999 Boxing MUHAMMAD ALI Postcard by Pyramid of England FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY
1992 Legends Art Card - George Foreman - Postcard
c. 1920s BOXING ACTION Real Photo Postcard IN RING
c. 1910's Boxing UN-IDENTIFIED Vintage Real Photo Postcard
1920s PAUL FITCH Vintage Boxing Photo Postcard FEATHERWEIGHT Indianapolis, IN
MIKE CONROY Vintage Boxing Postcard 1920's HEAVYWEIGHT Rochester, NY
1974 MUHAMMAD ALI vs GEORGE FOREMAN Vintage Boxing Postcard ZAIRE Mobutu
c. 1910s-20s JACK BRITTON Boxing Series Postcard WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION HOF'er
1920's FEMALE BOXERS Vintage Boxing Postcard
c. 1930's JACK DEMPSEY Restaurant Vintage Postcard - New York City - Main Dining Room
c. 1946 WALTER MICHAELS Vintage Boxing Postcard Photo LIGHTWEIGHT Baltimore, MD
1916 Sam Langford, Harry Wills, Sam McVey and Albert Badoud - Vintage Boxing Postcard - World War 1 Fundraising Exhibition Bout Aboard the "S.S. Vasari"
c. 1910 Joe Jeannette - Vintage Boxing Postcard - La Boxe - Issued in Paris, France
c. 1908-10 Sam McVey "McVea" Vintage Boxing Postcard / Trade Card from France RARE!
Marcel Nilles - c. 1920 Real Photo Boxing Postcard By Dix - French Heavyweight
Arthur Wyns - c. 1919 Real Photo Boxing Postcard By Dix - Featherweight Contender BELGIUM
Charly Sauvage - c. 1923 Real Photo Boxing Postcard By Dix - French Featherweight

(Important Note - Only (1) of each item is available, unless otherwise mentioned in the description of each item listed.)

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